2017 word.

Several years ago, I discovered the trend to select one word for the year and I chose “possibilities.” I had no idea what that word would bring, but truly the possibilities were surprising. That summer brought me to Haiti and the possibilities continue to be endless as our work in the orphanage turned school expand and evolve with each trip.

In reflecting over the past choices, they all seem to make sense in my mind with the season of life I was experiencing. I have been pondering my word all week as 2016 shifted into 2017…nothing seemed to be quite right to take me into a new year. Hope? Contentment? Balance?

The conversations I have had recently with family and friends is that life can be very hard. Most people I know are battling some struggle or another right now, and yet we all continue to go about the business of life, attempting to hold things together. We seek strength from loved ones that allow us to share the real stuff-the hard things. And we pray. One day at a time, we face the tasks and obstacles ahead-at times wearily and at times with confidence and positivity.

As I take a big-picture view of this life of mine, I am realizing that I do not always take very good care of myself. Sleep is a battle, exercise has been basically non-existent, good nutrition often takes a back seat to convenience. If I intend to face the experiences ahead of me with energy and care…then I must choose to take care of myself.

My 2017 word will help me focus on my health-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When faced with decisions in the week, I will pause and prioritize to make positive choices as best as I can. Cheers to 2017!



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