relationship building.

So much of what we do as Kozefò is build relationships – with students and staff.  And that is what today was all about.  There were letters shared between sponsors and students…time to hang out with the school kids…and dinner with the staff.   Such great moments. (We even met Haitian artist-running for Senate-Jean Adler Gaston-aka Top Adlerman!)

There have been conversations about the importance of relationships and how things go so much smoother when connections have been made…in fact that may be the focus of the teacher seminar tomorrow morning! As a supporting non-profit, our role is to walk alongside those that we partner with – not to come in as the ones with the answers.  We are simply here to join in the work. As we walked through the neighborhood last evening, we ran into a parent along the street who was happy to see us…we bumped into another fellow – Eddy, who lives on the next block and made plans for him to join us at school to practice his photography skills [shout out to him since most of these images were ones he captured]…Steve’s Healing Haiti friend Jean called tonight to follow-up on the projects we discussed yesterday….Jonas was busy making sure we were all set, as we checked into Tony Sanneh’s Haitian Initiative guest house this evening.  Relationships!  That is what makes this world go round – I am feeling humbled and grateful for the amazing folks that have become interwoven through this Haitian adventure.
















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