one word 2015.

Tis a new year, and time to reset…to select a focus or plan for 2015.  Having been a girl that loved setting resolutions (often twice yearly – Jan 1 AND the Start of a New School Year in Sept – Yikes, I know, a bit over the top-at least I can acknowledge my quirks, right?), I switched over to the one word philosophy in 2011 with a word that ended up opening my life to all sorts of crazy new things.

Here are words that have been selected over the past few years.



So with a fresh calendar ahead of me to write the story of 2015, I am choosing:


This year, I long to simply treasure it all – the simple, ordinary things of life (like jammie days and homemade dip for chips)…the big moments-like a wedding [yea!  june 26]…family  (enjoying my girlie in the house for six more months, 3G-three generation-Book Club, vacations, meal times, date nights)…friends (great conversations, silly adventures, good food and good wine)…downtime (to read and reflect)…Haiti connections (trips, FB chats-using Google Translate, practicing my Creole with the three new dudes that will be here in my community soon.)  My small group girlies. My work. My health.

and SO. MUCH. MORE. to savor and to treasure.

Even as I sit here, in my jammies on a Saturday afternoon with my third cup of coffee, I look around and value this little space I’ve created in my home to enjoy…books and travel pics, a work space that inspires, family photos on my old piano.  Life is good.

quiet time spaceChoose a word.  Choose to live intentionally.  Make the most of your days.  Cheers to the new year!


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