turning 50.

We celebrated my husband’s 50th with a party – a fun night on our apartment building’s rooftop patio with all of his favorite people.  As my 50th approached, I decided that I really just wanted to be sitting on a beach somewhere to reflect and rejuvenate! So here I am, soaking up a little sunshine in Miami Beach. (yikes – that hair though?) And Breelynn joins me here tomorrow night!


I also thought I’d make the most of this birthday by celebrating with my people all month long – in smaller groups which is what I prefer – sadly the spring snowstorm delayed a few of those gatherings – and in some cases the conversation and food was just so great we did not get a photo.  I really do have some amazing folks living life with me – so grateful!

birthday fun

A friend encouraged me to jot down FIFTY essential things in my life as I pause and reflect today…so here’s the list…in no particular order:

  1. travel – solo – family trips – with friends
  2. date nights & double dates
  3. daily city walks with Bob
  4. coffee with cream
  5. lazy mornings
  6. massages
  7. work that matters
  8. work friends
  9. church community
  10. books – library – book club – Good Reads app
  11. rich & authentic conversations
  12. workouts – cardio & strength
  13. yoga
  14. good fitting jeans
  15. boots – tall/leather-rain-snow
  16. sandals – leather-wedges-flip flops
  17. burger nights & Sunday brunch
  18. chips & dip
  19. wine – Chardonnay
  20. Amazon Prime
  21. water – all day – in a cup with a straw
  22. committed, competent & kind Haitian staff
  23. generous donors
  24. seafood
  25. salads with protein-flavor-crunch
  26. laughter
  27. movies & tv shows that make me think/feel/laugh
  28. podcasts that make me think/feel/laugh
  29. popcorn & oj
  30. sleep – comfy bed & “my pillow”
  31. hugs – hand holding – foot rubs
  32. music – pop-acoustic-worship
  33. comfy sneakers & socks that stay up
  34. cell phone – access to info-calendar-family/friend group texts & snapchats
  35. glasses – trifocals & sunglasses
  36. hats – baseball, beach, stocking caps
  37. naps
  38. manicures/pedicures
  39. being a “regular” – being known (Kim at nail salon, Larry/Chuck at apt, Ray J’s staff)
  40. local sports teams – Vikings, Wild, Twins, Gophers, Saints, Royals, Warriors
  41. organized & simplified home – everything in its place
  42. cooking & baking
  43. Dr. Q & Dr. Ash
  44. bonfires & s’mores
  45. beach time – lounging/reading/walking
  46. farmer’s market
  47. walking to local spots – restaurants, library, Wild games, Ordway concerts
  48. outdoor living space – patio to grill on – deck for drinking coffee/wine
  49. musicals & concerts
  50. shared experiences with the people I love.

And that’s a wrap.  50 things I love on my 50th birthday.


One thought on “turning 50.

  1. I love this fabulous list! You are so good about creating a life you love and living with intention! What a gift to have this sweet time away on your birthday to renew your beautiful soul! Enjoy Sis! Cheers to the next 50!

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