dinner on my own

My husband traveled to Ames to the Iowa State/Iowa football game today…so I was on my own.

I truly enjoyed my long and lazy day, a little shopping, a yoga class, a 5th grader’s football game, laundry, a nap, cleaning and organizing…a lovely day.

So when it was 7 pm and I had not planned dinner, I needed to throw something together…

  • carmelize onions with a little olive oil and balsamic
  • slice up a grilled chicken breast (we grilled several last weekend and they have been a lifesaver all week!)
  • drizzle a little olive oil on lavosh
  • top with chicken, onions and a layer of freshly grated mozzarella and parmesan (freshly grated is so much better than a bag of shredded)
  • pop in the oven until cheese melts
  • add diced grape tomatoes
  • i was craving a little basil, but did not have any…so pulled out some frozen pesto i had saved from earlier in the summer…and drizzled a little on



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