connecting and taking care of business.

We landed in Port au Prince in the midst of a rain shower-water puddling in the streets as we made our to the school. It was so great to return, especially following the concern we felt during Hurricane Matthew.  Here in our little community of Pernier, all is well.


Seeing the staff was such a treat – especially Miss Nahomie and Teacher Jonas!


The cooks had prepared chicken, rice and beans with fresh vegetables-loved the avocado!


Madam Edelyne dropped in for a finance meeting. We are so grateful for her carefully documented accounting and for taking care of business here when we are so far away. Love this sweet lady!


And the night is closing out with a bit of office work – discussions with Jonas, planning for the next few days, previewing the school calendar, as Steve sets up the new Chromebooks and tutors Jonas on printing with the wireless printer and downloading docs.  We are anxious to see the students tomorrow!  Bon Nwit – Good Night my friends!




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