The year-end school program – the Spektak – was spectacular! [Despite the delayed DJ – and a 5-hour long adventure.] The students looked amazing in their matching “Sunday Best” attire…there were recitations, skits, dancing, singing and a fashion show. Our team even provided the American national anthem to follow the singing of the Haitian National anthem. Student performances had clearly been rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed – as pieces were memorized and spoken articulately, songs were sang with gusto and dancers danced in sync with one another. Parents waited SO VERY patiently through the technical difficulties and were filled with pride as they watched their children perform. Many sponsors had the opportunity to meet the parents-grandparents-cousins of their student – so fun.

Spektak Ready

Spektak students

Spektak PreShow

Spektak rappers

Spektak Duet

Spektak Recitation

Spektak Dancers

Spektak Skit

Spektak Skit 2

Spektak Fashion Show

Spektak Staff appreciation

Spektak Kozefo Award

Spektak Teachers

Spektak Kislev

Spektak Adriano

Following the Spektak – we headed out on another adventure – hiking an hour up the hill from the school to reach a waterfall. As one team member commented tonight, the waterfall just happened to be a bonus, as the walk itself was so great. We were able to wander through the neighborhood, greeting folks we passed, as students joined in along the way.

Neighborhood Hike

Neighborhood Walk 2

Neighborhood walk girls

Neighborhood Hike Stanley

Neighborhood walk - Ferlanda

Neighborhood Walk -Michaela


Mama Daughter waterfall

Such a very full day – so “spektakular.”

2 thoughts on “spektak.

  1. So exciting for all, what memories your making for all these children and their families. Huge blessings for all involved how sweet is our God to bestow these on all!

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