it takes a village.

Our team of 27 (mostly teens) is prepped and ready for a morning flight to Port au Prince, Haiti.  Several of the travelers participated in a time of prayer and send-off at Woodbury Community Church this morning – this is the first international trip for the WCC Youth Group.

team send-off

Plans for our week mainly include encouragement and support for the students and staff at ANA Primary School.  There will be fun and games, arts and crafts, singing and dancing…plenty of hugs and many cheek kisses!  We are also hoping for some home visits and conversations with families. And the highlight will be sharing in the year-end Spektak with the students as they showcase their talents to celebrate the school year – songs, skits, dances and recitations. Stay tuned for highlights from the week!

As Kozefò works to support this one primary school, there are many, many organizations doing great work in Haiti. In fact, I am aware of many non-profits that have Minnesota connections. Just today, our local Sunday paper featured a story about NFL players /Minnesota Vikings that have a connection with Haiti. The Pioneer Press reported, Vikings duo share Haitian bond, mission of hope in their homeland.

NFL Football player in Haiti

image screenshot from the Pioneer Press – 6.19.16

And then you have these fantastic MN folks [Jeff Gacek, Tony Sanneh, Troy & Tara Livesay, Callie Himsl] doing great things in their own little corner on the island nation of Haiti…

Healing Haiti

Haitian InitiativeSanneh Foundation



“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa

And so we do our part…to share a little love…some fun and games…financial support…educational guidance.  THANK YOU to all of our Kozefò sponsors that have assisted in educating 94 students this year! We could not do this work without you. Check back this week to read more about our adventures.


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