language learning.

I am eager to learn to speak Creole. Books, CDs, and apps have been purchased through the years…flash cards have been made…”repeat after me” style practice has been implemented through the Pimsleur approach as I drive to and from work. And yet I struggle to learn. I lack the discipline needed to master a second language. Just last night I have recommitted. The desire is here…the longing to have real conversations with my friends, staff and students in Haiti is so great. I need to find a Creole speaking partner here in my community to guide me in this new journey. Hoping and praying for a language pal…and discipline…and for the neurons in my brain to start making connections from English to Creole.

To all of my bilingual, multilingual friends-bravo! You are brilliant. I am in awe of your ability to hold words and phrases and intelligent thoughts….and then express them fluently in English, Creole, French, Karen, Thai, Hmong, Spanish, Zinza, Swahili, Hebrew….

A big shout out to my fantastic interpreters, teachers, friends-Gladimy, Falaune, Jonas and Jonas. You are my heroes.

Haitian Interpreters

And to all of the students that show up in schools across the world, knowing their native language and acclimating to the language of the school-hooray for you! The patience and determination it takes to master a second language eludes me…yet these little learners jump in and out of French-Creole OR English-Karen-Thai as they seek to converse with different groups. Simply amazing to me.

Cheers to these three beauties that arrived in Minnesota from Burma/Myanmar via Thailand refugee camp when they were in grade 5.


Karen girls grown up

Mwen vle aprann. Mwen vle pale Kreyol. Orevwa. Bon Nwit Zanmi mwen.

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