staying connected.

imageDoes anyone else feel overwhelmed with the multiple forms of communication in the world now? I simply cannot keep up with it all. Throughout a typical day, I will receive multiple-maybe even a plethora (what is bigger than a plethora?) of messages via home email, work email, Kozefò email, texting, FB messenger, google calendar invites-hangouts, FB status comments/notifications, Instagram, iPhone Reminders, voicemail on the work phone and home phone…maybe more! The messages come at all times of day or night. Whether I am busy or not, they keep on coming. I may read them as they arrive as a banner across my phone screen, or quickly as I skim my device between meetings. When I finally catch a break in my day, I would love to sit and talk with a colleague or chat with a friend, maybe even cuddle up on the couch to talk with my hubby, but No! I find myself scrolling through messages, prioritizing replies. How did staying connected become so disconnected? And apparently I am completely out of touch, because just tonight, the girls in my small group told me they probably send about a hundred SnapChats a day!!! What??? I am missing out on all of those fabulous facial expressions and dance moves and more? Yep.That is where I am drawing the line…no snap chatting for me. Think I may go write my mom a letter-I think she’d love to get a little old fashioned mail. xoxo

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