to feel deeply.

to feel deeply

I am a thinker, a feeler, a great empathizer.  Work is never just work for me.  There are people and feelings and all the real stuff attached.  My heart beats for the students, parents, and teachers that I work with each day – feeling all of the deep feels for disabilities and struggles and mental health concerns.  My heart longs  for our kiddos attending school in Haiti and our staff and all of the people I have met along the way on that little island nation. The daily news brings me sadness with terroristic acts, rebel fighters, refugees, black lives matters, standing behind the blue line…and so much heartache each day. Each one coming with a burden.  I am quick to tear up – emotions run easily for me. I feel the pain of others so, so deeply.  It is what keeps me moving at times, and stops me abruptly when the pain is just too much.  Leaning on others is necessary and carrying along the fears or worries of others is needed too.  I simply pray that God gives me enough strength to do what he calls me to do.  Feeling deeply – a blessing and a curse.


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