love god. love others.

That is all.  Nothing more, nothing less and yet everything in between.  Having just joined 12,000 women seeking an experience to connect and draw nearer to Jesus, I am still holding on to this solid bit of truth.  Love God – Love Others.

Really that is what we are called to do.  I heard messages from truth tellers at the Women of Faith conference this weekend. In fact a couple of my favorites shared anecdotes from their REAL lives (Jen Hatmaker and Glennon Doyle Melton.) Bright and beautiful women that tell it like it is – all the stuff.  The good, the bad, the brutiful.  I was encouraged to be bold – to be unashamed of this God of mine.  I was affirmed that God loves me…no matter what.  No need to earn it.

jen hatmaker


And in the midst of all this learning…I was able to do some of the real stuff of life that matters.  Sharing conversations of the heart with a bestie – reflecting on life and the twists and turns along the way – analyzing choices and hope and dreams – skipping sessions of the conference to sit by the river with a coffee.  Enjoying a long lunch and a cocktail at noon.  Wondering what “church” ought to look like, sound like, feel like – sharing how we may be called to live out our faith daily in our interactions with others…one day at a time.


And wait!  One more thing!  In the midst of all that learning….and sharing….and loving on life…

…I got to chat with our Haitian Staff!!!!  Yes!!!!  On the floor outside the auditorium…via google hangout…from a little laptop in Saint Paul to a chromebook in Port au Prince.  To see their sweet faces and be encouraged by their commitment to educate…to dream of next steps and plans for our first graduating class this spring.  Humbled. Inspired.

google hangout

Keep on living and loving my friends….one day at a time…one step at a time.  Love God-Love Others.


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