10,000 steps.

I just finished walking laps in my neighborhood to reach my 10,000 step goal. It is 8:39 pm. Finally got to my fitness goal for the day – didn’t quite make it in the sleep category.

10000 steps

Why is it so darn difficult to reach the simple goals of 8 hours of sleep at night and 10,000 steps in a day?  I used to be an athlete at one point back in the day – practicing the sport of the season for a couple of hours daily. And then there were the years of hitting the gym faithfully – step aerobics and treadmills and lifting weights.  But at this current stage of life, I am struggling to even manage 10,000 steps of walking on a regular basis.  In fact, I was so frustrated with my lack of time – actually my lack of discipline – in my failure to reach the goal, that I simply stopped wearing the little bracelet tracking device.  Ugh.

BUT…I am back on the wagon again today.  A fresh calendar to log the results is hanging in the fridge – my most recent attempt at that strategy lasted 3 days until I simply took the calendar down.  I purchased a new pair of sneakers to leave at work for a midday walk – however I have not put them on once in the past few weeks.  I have purchased sessions at Core Power Yoga that are just waiting to be redeemed.

Sleep and regular fitness ought to be ESSENTIALS in my life.  I have some familial history around high blood pressure and heart attacks – really hoping to escape that unfortunate gene.  My work can involve a bit of stress at times and the greatest antidotes to that are good sleep and a healthy dose of endorphins flowing!  So…what is my excuse?  Why not go to bed at a decent time?  Why not wake 30 minutes earlier for a little fresh air and a walk around the neighborhood? Why not put on the headphones and a little inspiring music for a quick evening walk?  Heck – I could learn to speak Creole, if I simply listened to the language recordings as I walked daily! Dang.  That is what I ought to do.  Yet the draw to watch the Nashville premiere or surf Pinterest or flip through People magazine lure me in.

Am I alone?  Are there others out there struggling to find time to be fit?  To get your sleep?  Do you set goals and achieve them? Have you established rituals and routines that work? If you do, then PLEASE chime in with your fantastic tips!  As for me – think I will go lay out some sweats and my sneakers for a little morning stroll and get ready to head to bed!  Good night y’all!

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