opportunity to support Kozefò.

The annual Kozefò 5K is being held next Saturday, August 1st in Woodbury, Minnesota.  This is a great opportunity to support the students and staff at a small primary school in Port au Prince, Haiti. This school was once “home” to many sweet family members and friends of mine…

(Check out these dashing dudes that just shared in the wedding of our only child. Love these boys – JP, Eli, Stanley, Gefte, Vinny!)



So now, we have the chance to continue the work of education in Haiti.  Our June Kozefò Team was awesome – creating fabulously fun learning experiences, building additional classroom space, sharing sponsorship correspondence, providing a noon meal/drinking water and equipping the school with a computer lab.  Enrollment has nearly doubled for this upcoming school year.  And we will be needing all the support we can get to keep everything running smoothly.

Learning Is FUN

Building Crew

Rooftop Classroom


Sponsorship Coorespondence

Noon Meal

Tech Lab


New Student Sponsorships are NEEDED – information will be available at the 5K…

Student Sponsorship


Please consider joining us!  The Kozefò 5K is open to walkers, runners, observers!  You can register or donate on-line at http://www.kozefo.org/kozefo5k or on-site the morning of the event.  For more information about student sponsorships, please check our website on August 1st at http://www.kozefo.org/sponsor/

Thank you to all of you that have been supporting us through the past few years.  It is truly an incredible journey!



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