5 am saturday.

At this time next week, I will be waking in Port au Prince. Clearly, my mind is racing with “to-do” items to check off…because I should still be sound asleep on a lazy Saturday morning.  Instead, I am wide awake at 5 am, sending emails, jotting down a shopping list, checking off items mentally, as I prepare to take 22 friends and a brother-in-law on a weeklong journey to my favorite little island nation. (Plus, I am quickly approaching the sweet day of Bree and Kyle’s wedding AND I will be changing jobs at the end of the month…so there are just a few things on my mind this morning!)  Go BIG…or go home!  Praise the Lord for his faithfulness in sending peace.

A few years ago, I would most likely be a little frantic and stressed and making the people closest to me crazy.  However, God has been doing marvelous things in my life…prepping me along the way to TRUST and to let go…to savor the moments and break free from the hectic pace and expectations of others. I recently read a passage from Social Worker Extraordinaire – Brene Brown, “We live in a culture with a strong sense of scarcity. “We wake up in the morning and we say, ‘I didn’t get enough sleep.’ And we hit the pillow saying, ‘I didn’t get enough done.'” We’re never thin enough, extraordinary enough or good enough – until we decide that we are. “For me,” says Brown, “the opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s enough. I’m enough.”  I am determined to believe that. I am enough.  God provides.

I will make a cup of coffee and continue with my day…being enough…being grateful…feeling at peace.  Hope you will too!



2 thoughts on “5 am saturday.

  1. As I wake this Saturday morning with my mind racing on all I have “to do, ” I am grateful for your shared thoughts and experiences, Sara.
    I have “enuf” penciled in various places for myself as a reminder but I still chase it… Thanks for reminding me to trust and breathe.

  2. Sara – your words are always meaningful, gracious, thoughtful and remind me of the things that really matter! 🙂

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