the sandwich generation.

sandwich generaton

The empty nesting days were short-lived…we have entered  the “sandwich generation.” I have always attempted to embrace the current stage of life I am living…looking back with fond memories and anticipating the unknown adventures ahead…while living fully in the moment.  Easier done at certain times of the journey then others…not a big fan of raising a junior higher…but made the most of those days too with sleepovers and braces and boy crushes and learning how to study.

With each new phase, there really does not seem to be a “how-to manual” that accompanies it appropriately – certainly plenty of books and websites out there – but none that entirely match our unique situation.  So…we navigate it the best we can…making up our own plan as we go.

This sandwich generation is a new deal for us…helping both the aging parent with decisions about housing, insurance, health care, leisure activities and finances…as well as the young bride and groom to be on similar topics.  The requests that come our way on any given day, may be “can you move a new sofa to our apartment…can we stop to pick up a prescription…do you have any ironing that I can do…may I borrow your fan…where are we going today…can you help me with wedding details…what should I do with my 401K…when should I transfer my banking account…”

Our home is full once again…with helpers in the kitchen…dinners for four or six or ten…conversations about work and hockey and the weather…shared tv shows in the evenings…outings together to new restaurants.  Projects get done during the day while we are at work – ironing and vacuuming, sweeping the front step. Groceries appear and disappear in/from our fridge. Moments of three generations gathered together happen regularly.  Such. A. Blessing.

It may not always be easy…we may not always be making the right choices…but it is good.   I am grateful for this time of figuring out next steps…and sharing the journey with my family.

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