embracing the real me.

I woke up to this beautiful view this morn in southern Cal… 

…kinda wondering why I choose to live in Minnesota…but then again, that is where my people are…so I will enjoy a few days pretending I am once again a California girl.

I am here for work…attending the Council for Exceptional Children Comference…spending my days in workshops and presentations. Spent 6 hours digging into “Co-Teaching 2.0” today with Marilyn Friend. And spending my lunches and evenings in isolation-eating on my own…thinking, surfing the web, reading…and reaffirming that I am a pretty happy introvert. Savoring time on my own. (We will see how long the feeling lasts….I may be needing a little human interaction by day 5!) 

The older I get, the more comfortable I become in embracing the real me… 

I LOVE learning…taking classes, attending workshops, reading…And I really do need my down time…to be alone.

And that is okay.

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