giving thanks.

Today I am giving thanks for so many sweet blessings.

I am excited for the two little boys that are ready to travel [and who have been in the adoption stage for a mighty long time.] Paperwork has been finalized.  Farewells and thank yous were given to their Nurse/Nanny Miss Nahomie and many others who have loved on them over the past years. The boys are enjoying this evening in a Port au Prince hotel before flying out tomorrow.


I am thrilled that my husband has booked our 25th Wedding Anniversary vacation to the tropical location of Port-au-Prince! Oo La La!

I am grateful for the people of Woodbury Community Church that will be traveling with Team Kozefò in June.  We had our first prep meeting this past weekend and the anticipation of spending time with these folks and my pals in Haiti is just too much to imagine!

I feel humbly blessed by the generosity of family and friends that have sponsored ALL 54 students this year! Such a sweet gift to provide education for these boys and girls!


I am tickled by the adventures that I share with my pal Geftè!  Who knew that biking in the winter time is a real thing? And puzzles too – we just started our second 1000 piece masterpiece!

Hanging out with G

Tis a good life.  Thankful, Grateful, Blessed.

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