free evenings.

I am relishing in the new found freedom of free evenings!  No class for me!  After a year of taking three classes at a time, I am now a free woman!  Evenings without class…without homework…without some silly reading or assignment hanging over my head.  I feel like I have discovered a sweet new life!

Tonight there was a visit to my pal Gefte’s house…I mean my friend Amy’s house.  There was cooking…like real cooking…chopping, sauteing, stirring and simmering!  A glass of wine…or two.  Chats with friends. American Idol. Travel planning for a weekend in Dallas.  Good stuff.

And Facebook…oh Facebook!  Totally got the giggles over this post AND the comments…check her out…Kristin Howerton (Facebook stalker that I am…do not even know her…but there is a connection to Haiti, so I feel like she is my pal…virtual friends-cyber mates) You can also read her witty words here:

Cheers Friends!  Thanks for sticking with me through 12 months of crazy school life.  Look out!  I am back!

Kristen Howerton

name change

3 thoughts on “free evenings.

  1. I enjoy your blog, Sara. This brings back memories. When Angie was 5 or so she decided her name was Maria. She had a couple of older ladies in church so confused. They would greet her as Angie, and she’d say, “No, my name is Maria.” Couldn’t convince her otherwise. She got over that and decided she was a pig.

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