days gone by.

Gosh, where do the years go?  It seems like just yesterday our little girlie was “graduating” from kindergarten.  And now today, she is a college graduate.

Days filled with backpacks, homework, field trips, class parties, science fair projects, papers to write, tests to study for, college applications,  job applications…those are all behind us.  The questions we have take AP classes or not?  to request a certain teacher? choir or band?  18 credits or more? a major and a minor… or maybe just an additional certificate?  Well, at this point those questions don’t really matter.  She has achieved a college degree.

The work and worries of parenting probably never really end. But there comes a certain relief with each stage of life that we have a little less responsibility.  And that is a pretty sweet place to be. (Of course, she is still living here with us for a bit, but isn’t that the new norm of millennials?)

So, for all of my dear parent friends that are still in the thick of it…Hang. In. There!

Check the backpacks for homework and notes to sign, show up for the class parties, chaperone a field trip, help your kiddo with assignments/projects/papers to write, be a study warrior.  You. Can. Do. It!

And in the end, you will feel relief that you have made it…and maybe even just a wee bit sad that it has all come to an end.  (just a very wee bit.)  Because now my big girl still calls on her way home from work and secretly hopes that her mama will be waiting up to hear all about this next phase of life.

Congrats Sweet Bree!  You made it.  We made it!

kinder grad

college grad


One thought on “days gone by.

  1. Great post.. Congrats to you mom & dad too.. You still have many more firsts with sweet Bree.. wedding, grandbabies & it all starts over with them..exciting times await for you too.

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