running errands-Haiti bound.

iPhone musicTonight I joined the 21st century…as Bob and I were out running errands this evening, I plugged my phone in to charge using the USB adapter and voilà-my music started to play! How cool is that? A bit of “Beautiful Things” by Gungor to fill my car with inspiration. I know that my techy daughter uses the music from her phone when she is in the car, but this was the first time I discovered it on my own. Yippee.

The to-do list is getting shorter as I prep for a weekend away in Port au Prince, Haiti…travel toiletries purchased, bibles packed, paperwork organized, pictures printed, treasures for the boys have been dropped off…

Now to prepare my heart…there is anticipation and excitement with every visit.  This adventure in Haiti began when I trusted the longing I felt to “do something”…not quite sure what that would be, just knew that I needed to go.  This will be my eighth trip since that first visit in June 2011.  With each one, I have made new connections and friends along the way. Riky and Ecclesiastes have now joined their forever family in Montana, Davinsly and Stanley still wait to come, Jefte moved in and waits for an opportunity to travel on a student visa.  ANA Primary School has expanded and a food program continues to provide a noon meal. Two new teachers have been hired and Miss Roselaure is now the administrator/teacher in charge.   I typically have a wish list of items to accomplish when I arrive, and yet I know that I must trust the journey.  God has plans for me…I just need to listen and be ready.  I will seek His wisdom as I go. Take a peek at the faces in the video clip below to capture a little bit of where my heart and mind are living these days.

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