living in unity.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s sisters live together in unity!

psalm 133:1

And that is the truth.

Raking a Difference

I had the great pleasure to spend the past 20 hours with a few of our small group girls and fellow leader Amy [missed you Ann, Anna, Maggie, Libby, Sarah, Micaela, Lexi and Maggie!]  Last night began with a little rock, paper, scissors challenge, worship, and a message…followed by late night conversations, a bowl of buttery parmesan popcorn, juice boxes and a sleepover…a morning of “Raking a Difference” for an organization doing great things for girls in need…lunch at my fav taqueria…quiet time at a local ball field…a competitive “Amazing Race” against the other small groups….and coffee from our sister barista Libby!

Small Group Retreat

Great fun.  Many giggles. Memories created that will unite us!

Life can be crazy hard at times…stressful, complicated and filled with expectations from so many places.  These girls are achievers…do-good kinda chicks that have very full lives with school, sports, social lives, church…online schooling for one because she will be returning to Africa in a few months…and another is balancing homework in English when all of her previous instruction was in Hebrew. There is peer pressure and self-inflicted pressure.  Being a teen ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And yet…these are great years – full of new and exciting adventures. So…they are choosing to surround themselves with friends that will hold them up when the going get’s tough…laugh with them about the sweet, silly things (for example facebook cat statuses)…and share the big and small moments in this journey.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share a just a small slice of life with these fabulous young ladies. xoxo

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