sweet moments.

My weekdays and eves are filled with work, class, meetings and all of the duties expected of a middle age working gal!

Then the weekend comes and I disconnect and recharge.

The past couple of Saturdays, there have been kitchen extravaganzas-complete with raspberry jam, chocolate cake, zucchini bread, apple crisp…

Just me and some Norah Jones and a few pots and pans. Awwww…serenity now.

Tonight I got to share that baked apple crisp with my parent-in-laws…and my sweet niece/college girl who joined us for dinner!

college niece

This week’s reminder…work hard at work and the business of being a responsible adult….AND be certain to make time for the sweet things in life…

…dinners with family and friends…cooking adventures…reading something that makes me think (enjoying Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted at the moment)…surfing mindlessly on Pinterest…coffee/pumpkin spice latte dates….browsing TJ Maxx…TV movies and a bowl of popcorn…

OH so many options of the things I enjoy.  Hoping you are finding the balance of sweet moments in your weeks!

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