I wish I were one of those bold, courageous, adventurer types that loved change…that embraced new experiences with vim and vigor (well…what is vim and vigor? hmmm.) you get the point…with excitement and oodles of positive energy.

But I am not.

I like routines.  I like things fairly predictable.  Hence the Friday night pizza and wings each week…at the same spot…nearly EVERY Friday.

And yet, transitions occur.  With or without me. So I often need to “fake it til I make it.” Shifting responsibilities at work this fall force me into new situations and new relationships most days. I am thrilled with the opportunities…yet on the inside I long for the familiarity and safety of my previous duties.  I am taking one of my grad classes across the metro with the Hopkins cohort…Again, new people, new expectations – a course on finance? yikes. not my favorite.

My niece and my sis are adjusting to the newness of college life and one less family member at the dinner table each night.  New, exciting, and a bit sad and scary.  Avalon and I had a sweet chat tonight about these transitions.  And how difficult they can be.  At any age, change can be tough.

Or not…

September 2010 brought me and my hubby to empty nesting – read about that here. September 2014 brings that sweet girlie home to live with us once again as she completes her internship in Social Work this fall. For me, THIS transition is sweet…I now have her here for coffee dates…cuddles…conversations and family dinners…

coffee pals

For those NOT SO FUN transitions, hang in there.  Take a deep breath.  Keep moving.  Remember that this too shall pass. (At least that is what I will be doing.)


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