family vacation

Sitting out on the back porch on vacation with this view right now…ahhhhhh…

back porch

There is something special about getting away from the routines and chaos of daily life to relax and reflect a bit. And to do that with my family is an even sweeter gift.  We roadtripped with our girlie and her fiance…10+ hours of bonding in a car, sharing snacks, telling stories, napping…good stuff.  Then met up with my parents, my little sis and her fam for even more familial togetherness.  We have seen shows, ridden the duck boat, dined out, cooked in, shopped…there have been late night conversations and early morning jogs.  Often in the busyness of life, my sis and I share “status of the fam” updates on voicemail for each other, filled with brief overviews of what and where everyone happens to be. So, now that the 12 of us our sharing this sweet vacation home, I can provide the “status” here…currently we have 2 nappers, a tv watcher, a reader,  7 at the pool and me.

Instagram and Facebook have been overflowing with great pics this summer of families doing life together…reunions, travels, sports, picnics, bbq action and more…I’ve been quick to add my own adventures, as a way to capture the moments I wish to save as memories.  This summer we celebrated my parents’ 70th birthdays! Gosh…70 years of memories and no social media to store all of those “instants” from their past…there are polaroids, photos and even a few reels of slides maybe, but nothing as instant as uploading from their phones during their childhood or early days of parenting and grandparenting. So, they share stories…and demonstrate the fine art of “memory making” by living in the moment – being willing to plop on a Krispy Kreme hat for late night donuts…learning how to text and use facebook…making the early morning coffee to share on the porch…throwing a baseball around with a grandson…and SO.MUCH.MORE.  My sis and I, plus our hubbies and kiddos are blessed to have parents that still hold hands and patiently support one another in all they do…who have demonstrated what it means to live life well.

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your vacation time with all of us! Thanks for showing us the value of family. Happy Happy 70th Birthdays to you both!

Family Collage

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