98% happy.

Gosh, what would that look like?  98% happy? Not really even sure that I can plop a percentage onto my happiness level.  Could you?  Do you think that most people we meet are in the 90+ range? Probably not.  What does happiness really even mean? How do we achieve it…how do we savor it?  Here in the good ol’ US of A, I believe that happiness is often equated with success or leisure or freedom or maybe even nice weather! (Especially in the north country where we are sure giddy about the warmer days.)

And yet, this sweet student in Haiti, dictating her letter to her School Sponsor in Creole to an interpreter, who then translated  it to English for our interns to record, expressed her happiness at 98%…

98 percent happy

[Hello, Thank You! I love you a lot. I am happy that people are visiting me. I am happy 98% (the 2% is that I can’t see you!) I also like to swim and play with my doll.  I am very excited for the doll!  This has been unforgettable, so thank you!]

I want to be 98% happy.  I want to enjoy the people that are in my life.  I want to view my life moments as unforgettable.

Instead, I often find myself living anxiously, wondering what needs to be done next…doubting…or fretting…over very silly things.  There seems to be this pressure to always do more, be more…and yet life would be a bit more peaceful if I simply slowed down long enough to enjoy the moment…to relax enough to show up to work in sneakers and a baseball cap occasionally…to let the homework assignment wait and simply watch a movie with my husband. (Yep!  Did BOTH of those things today.)

When we visited our school in Haiti last month, we had the opportunity to share letters from sponsors to students…and for them to return a few words back to their sponsors. The interactions were sweet and humbling…building relationships with these students is my MOST FAVORITE part of this work in Port au Prince…so to extend those sweet relationships between students and sponsors fills my heart with 99+% happiness!

sponsor letters

Take a peek at sweet Ruth Lasseur and her mama…this is the young lady that Bob and I sponsor, followed by her gracious letter to us…

Lasseur Ruth and Mother



[Dear Sara & Bob, I am happy & I will work harder to satisfy you more.  I would like to see you face to face to thank you for everything you do.  At home I look cooking especially when my mom is sick.  I also like doing housework.  At school I listen carefully to the teacher when she explains to be successful & when I grow up I will be responsible of my family. I would like to thank you for the support.]

Seek a little glimmer of happiness in your day…or put a little happiness in someone else’s!  These chicks sure filled my heart a bit today.  (For those of you sponsoring students, keep an eye on your mailboxes…letters are going out this week!)

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