the more I learn, the more I need to know.

bible verseIt is funny how life works.  The more that I dig deeper into something,  learning, pausing to question…I discover that I really know so very little.  If someone would have told me three years ago that I would be supporting the work of a primary school in Port au Prince, I would have said “Me? Seriously? What do I know about running a school in Haiti?” And yet. Here I am, muddling through the process of paying the bills (via wire transfers, a detail-oriented treasurer, Facebook Messages and Google Translate,) discussing class configurations and staffing decisions with an orphanage director, coordinating fundraisers to pay for rent, salaries, textbooks, uniforms, food and water…who knew?  And with each discovery and plan, comes additional questions and wonderings…should we be accredited? how do we get accredited? where can I buy a water jug dispenser and how much will it cost? what will be the transition for our students needing the next level of instruction? and on and on and on…

The same can be said for my professional life here in the US.  I have been teaching and leading for quite some time…just beginning my 25th year.  You’d think I’d have it figured out by now.  But no!  I have knowledge, experience and insight in quite a few aspects of learning…but I have even more concerns and inquiries now, then I did when I first began with 32 bright-eyed first and second graders in a bilingual classroom in Southern Cal.

And so, I dig a little deeper…reading, listening, studying and trying to improve my craft. Realizing that life is just one mighty long journey of learning and growing.

Well, it is time to do a little homework for class tomorrow…another day to work the brain cells…another day to realize how many additional things I really do not know…another day to add more books/articles/research to my reading list.  Good thing, there is time for evening walks along the Charles River and seafood dinners with pals!


river walk



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