With a full schedule and a guest house full of people, I have not had opportunities to share many of my thoughts. Truth be told…my emotions feel intensified x100 this week. The gratitude I have and the deep tug on my heart strings is almost too difficult to explain.

These friends I have here in Haiti become like family…I LOVE these four boys…and care so deeply for the students, knowing them by name and longing to know their hopes and dreams.

Today we set up a table and the students met with an interpreter and one of our team to share letters, photos and small gifts from our sponsors. In return, they shared little bits of themselves in a reply letter. In the moment it was chaos….but in reflection it was quite extraordinary. These kiddos are something special….they expressed words of thanks…and “I love yous”…they shared glimpses into their lives of hide and seek, doing chores, eating mangos…promises were made to work hard and succeed. Yep, I was a bit emotional.

And the singing! Songs of praise, the national anthem, a very special solo by sweet Jefte. Again emotions.

We toured the Apparent Project and were awed by the vision and leadership displayed. The creative entrepreneurship that is allowing mothers and fathers the opportunities to earn a living and raise their children. Umm hmm. Tears.

Heart to heart conversations about life changing things…hugs and gentle pats on the back….worship on the patio with twinkle lights in the dark. Nothing quite like it.

And the joy. Laughter. Watching the interactions and relationships evolve. Impressed by the energy and positivity of this group of my fav people-living and learning together. Proud to be part of something that matters.



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