all the right people, in all the right places.

This team of family and friends here with me in Haiti are simply amazing. Let me think of all the adjectives to describe them, because I did freshen up on my grammar today, sitting in English class with the boys (reviewed simple past tense verbs this afternoon!) So, back to those adjectives. These travelers are patient, flexible, generous, compassionate, hard-working, humorous, creative, sporty, friendly, resourceful, kind… Yada, yada, yada. It is clear that each person here is right where God intended them to be! We have awesome teens connecting with kids, language barrier and all…we have crafters, entertainers, sporty spices and builders. Over 40 students traveled from station to station … wood was cut and mounted to add a classroom on the roof…our guitarist lead the school kids in song-and then worship for our team on the guest house rooftop patio…speeches were given to a crowd of 75+ English Institute students. Boys were introduced to new siblings…and another met with his birth family, having left Haiti over four years ago. The itinerary has changed multiple times…even since our arrival…but that is good. We are walking and trusting and seeing what God has for us tomorrow.


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