to learn and love.

Tomorrow I will be taking 25 family members and friends on a week-long jaunt to Port au Prince, Haiti.  For some, they will be returning to a place they love…and for others it will be a first time trip.  I have piles of items ready to pack, a to-do list that needs checking off, but this morning, I have just spent time reflecting and praying in anticipation for what this trip will mean.  My dear pal Ann shared her thoughts on this last week, read about that here.  But I felt the need to share too…take a look at a few of the sweet stories that are bringing these pals to Haiti.

My Sis and her fam…

schlecht fam

They have all been…at least once.  And the two dudes began their lives on this Caribbean nation.  Eli was just a year and a half when he left…and there is no record of his birth family.  So he will go and learn and discover a little piece of his story.  JP was much older, and spent many years living in the orphanage that we will be hanging out at each morning next week.  Kinda crazy to think about that.  Cannot really imagine the thoughts and emotions he will experience.  Plans are to visit his birth family too.  Anticipation and apprehension and all sorts of feelings about that, but mostly excitement.

JP, circa 2010ish…


And then there are the stories of my dear friends adopting from Haiti…Doreen and Ann, who met their boys for the first time a year ago when we traveled there and had the chance  to skype with their families back home…


…they each traveled here earlier this year with their husbands to work on details of the adoptions…but this time they get to bring the kids with to meet their brothers…sweet, huh? Again…the excitement looms.

Megan, Anna and Stanley…

Stanley and Sibs

Will, Cali and Davensly…

Davensly and Sibs

There are friends that sponsor students going…there are best friends and a boyfriend…there are cousins and aunts, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons…we are ALL connected in one way or another.  It is a pretty awesome crew.  I am humbled to share this adventure with them all.

Kozefò Trip Team

But mostly, I am excited to see the boys…and the students…and the dear staff…

with Stanley and Ecc

with students

Haitian Staff

Stay tuned in as we try to capture moments from our short time there to share with you all. An overnight in Miami tomorrow…then on into Port au Prince on Sunday morn.  Other blogs to follow : Heart for Haiti, Pearcy Zone DWaiting: Four 2 Five!, and amypersonally.  I hope to offer a few “Guest Posts” as well, from other travelers joining us! We plan to learn and love…to keep our eyes and hearts wide open…to shine a little light of Jesus, as we run day camp in the morn with our school kiddos…as we tackle a building project…as we listen and converse with staff.  Thanks for following along and keeping the prayers coming.  Hugs!

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