student sponsors.

Not quite a year ago, the decision was made to keep the school in Haiti running…to raise financial support with fundraising events (5K, Crafts Direct Charity, a fun Wine and Cheese event, Apparent Project bracelets, Furniture Showcase sales) AND student sponsorships.  These dollars raised through the generosity of others pay for salaries, rent, textbooks, uniforms, propane, food, water…and other miscellaneous expenses that arise when supporting a primary school.  It has been a journey.  We have been blessed.

I peruse the sponsorship list and see family members [my parents, my sis, my daughter, a cousin], friends [from church, from college, from high school], co-workers [shout out to my Saint Paul Public School pals!]…and friends of friends.  I am humbled.  When we set out on this journey, we knew it would take a village…and I LOVE my village people! (Not the Y-M-C-A kind…but my people, hand-in-hand, in my little corner of the world!)

We asked sponsors to send a little message and photo to include in gift bags for the students.  There will be BIG excitement to share these treasures next week.

One of those letter/pic packs arrived in my mail today from an old high school pal of mine.  He and his fam wrote letters and drew pictures and sent photos to share with their student Eliakym. As I read the notes, tears fell…just thinking about this family in central Minnesota, loving this little boy on the island nation of Haiti…praying for him faithfully.  He gets to attend classes…in a uniform…with his textbooks…because of them.  God is good. Thank you Fasen family!

Sponsor Letter

A week from today, I will be packing up these letters and hopping on a flight.  It is not too late if you want to send along a note or a photo…or a bottle of Tylenol (fevers are running rampant!)  Message me or leave a comment and I will get in contact with you.

Thank you dear village!

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