school kids.

Field trips, class parties, graduations…another school year is coming to an end.  My cousin’s wife (also a teacher) has been posting a daily countdown of the days remaining.  Some have finished, some classes end tomorrow (shout out to my Woodbury pals!) and those of us in SPPS will be continuing on through Monday.

I think about our students in Haiti, taking final exams, hoping and praying to pass to the next grade level…thankful for the noon meal…grateful for the opportunity to attend class.  We have 47 adorable littles, attending class in the heat, at risk for the chikungunya virus. In just 10 days, I will be boarding a plane with some of my dearest family and friends to visit these kiddos!  We will run day camp in the morning and visit other sites and non-profits in the afternoon.  My heart is full just thinking about this journey.

Take a look at these sweet faces…and keep them in your thoughts and prayers!


noon prayer

davensly and pals


stanley and lavena


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