needing a nap.

There are days…well maybe weeks, that are so, so very full.  I run from one thing to the next, keeping up with plans, just ONE.THING.AT.A.TIME.  All I really know is the actual event I am at…and MAYBE the next one.  No clue what the next day may bring…I am just living in the moment. And for those of you closest to me, you know that I am really just an introvert at heart…needing down time and naps and time to be alone.  BUT there is also a side to me that really does LOVE people….to celebrate with…to have deep conversations with…to encourage and enjoy.

This is a season of thoroughly loving my peeps.  All weekend long, we celebrated one incredible graduating chica – my niece Avalon, or Avaloo, Av, Avi.  Such a fun time with family – please see pics below!  We enjoyed a fun commencement-complete with inspiration from Izzy AND a speedo-wearing grad! (Yikes!)  A beautiful graduation celebration and 18th B’day, filled with so many delightful conversations (shout out to Great Aunt Rosie for making the trip!) – great roadtrip chats with my two favorite people -the hubby and the college girl!  And fun times with my sis.  It was a late night last night, followed by an early morn with my B’studs…then a trip to Delano to cheer on my dad’s baseball boys to victory. Plus I am celebrating 24 years of wedded bliss today! WHEW!

All of it fun stuff.

Sometimes, it is best to just skip the nap and live a little.

grad fam

my fam and the grad


nana and great aunt rosie

two fav peeps

sweet sis

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