success = love.

I have already vented on here quite awhile back about my feelings regarding the craziness in our American views of “success” in my “ranting of a suburban mom.” There is such incredible pressure for kids these days to “be all,” “do all,” and “ACHIEVE at all costs”…even when sleep suffers, anxiety rises, friendships dwindle, and family time becomes a lost thing.

When looking at the big picture [the end result of a life well-lived] – what things really do matter?

As a mom, I push my girlie to be her best, to pursue her dreams, to put forth effort in all she does.  I see her potential and I know that she can succeed. But at what cost? What sacrifices?  And what does success really mean?

Didn’t Jesus tell us that the greatest commandment is to love God and love others? So, if that is all we ever instill in our kiddos, isn’t that enough?  How does that look for a child, a teenager, an adult-independent kid? I’m not real sure.  But I did get a sneak peek yesterday.

We spent several hours cheering on my nephew at the State True Team Track Meet. He ran a few races, earned a personal best, and headed home with a team medal for third place.  But the success that I saw, was a kid that shook hands with competitors, cheered on teammates,  hugged the fans that came to watch, and even sent a thank you text message to us all!

That is success.  That is sportsmanship.  That is love.

10313461_10152484807735407_8866479186533996967_ntext msg

I feel my job as a parent is winding down (or maybe it never does end?)  Our daughter finished up college classes and has just a semester internship left.  She has new and exciting things in the wings, as she begins to create a life on her own. I will be her cheerleader, her encourager. I will love her unconditionally.

I will teach her that success = LOVE.


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