humbled and grateful.

Ended my quick jaunt to Haiti today hanging out in classrooms and snapping pics at recess. (Will share more images later this week!)

This time away…with the boys waiting for their forever families…with the students in classes…with the teachers and staff…fills my heart to overflowing. For all they are doing.

To live as an orphan, waiting and wondering as days go by…such an unfathomable place to be. We video chatted with their moms in the US this morn. So sweet…and also so heartbreaking, as those on both sides of the sea wait.

To attend school in the heat, in crowded classrooms, walking or traveling from a ways off…coming from homes filled with many, many members…at times living with an aunt or grandparent, since the parents reside far into the countryside with few options for schooling.

To teach with energy, compassion and love in that same heat and cramped conditions. To inspire and encourage students day after day.

I am humbled and filled with gratitude.


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