Gate 25

These were my thoughts in November 2011:

Bree called as I landed…when she asked what time my flight leaves, I said, “I really do not even know. I just need to get to gate 25 and then I will figure out my next step.”

As we chatted about life and living with a focus, we came back to the wisdom of looking for gate 25. So often, we live our lives focused on our plans and our future…and forget to savor the moments. By necessity, I was simply focused on my next step in this adventure…and in doing so it has opened up such peace for me…even when I needed to abandon a piece of luggage!

So…my bit of wisdom for now…is focus on the moment. Savor the little things…and be open to the opportunities that God will place in your path.

And what do you know? Here I am back at Gate 25. Sitting in Miami, waiting to board my flight to Port au Prince.

As I left my comfy bed this morn at 3 AM, I honestly had a bit of nerves…wonderings…uncertainty, as I begin another solo trip to Haiti. Will I accomplish the tasks I hope to? Will transportation details work out? What am I doing wandering off into the unknown with minimal plans?

And yet, the quietness of a flight, the familiarity of Gate 25, the sounds of Haitian Creole around me now as I sit and wait to depart…the nerves are gone and anticipation/excitement has replaced them. In just a few hours I will set down in a sweet island nation, to meet new friends at the Heartline Guesthouse…and then to see my sweet companions tomorrow-Riky, Ecclesiastes, Stanley and Davensly…Miss Nahomie, Edelyne, Gladimy, Rositha and Saul…classrooms filled with students and teachers filled with hope.

I pray to be an encourager. I seek God’s presence as I learn and plan for our team visits this summer. I will trust and I will listen. I am filled with peace on this Easter morn.


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