to do lists.

to do listI am a list maker.

Often the list runs on repeat over and over in my mind for so long that I MUST write it down to stop the brain neurons from overworking. That was the case this morning.  Early, early on a Saturday, when I should be sleeping in, the “to-do” items started running.

So I rolled out of bed and grabbed a pad of paper to jot ’em down.

Simply putting them in writing seems to take away some of the “overthinking.” But the “checking them off” part is even better.

I love a good old notepad, but I have also moved to the paperless kind of note taking too. Three of my favs are Evernote, Reminders and Notes. (See image below-or click on the word to find more info about each one.) Online and/or in the cloud…these lists travel with me form home to work to Haiti and beyond.

Well, it is time to stop talking about my to-do list and actually start checking things off!  Happy Saturday Peeps! Hope you accomplish lots…or savor in taking the day off from task completion.

How about you? List maker? Note taker? What do you use?

Note Taking Apps



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