good rest…good books…

It is funny what a little rest and relaxation can do for the soul.  When one gets all worked up, stressed out, filled to the max with “to-dos,” any little irritation can throw ya over the edge.  Take this April snowstorm for example…people are irritated, frustrated, complaining, whining, commiserating with others…and yet, here I am lounging in bed with a cup of coffee and a great book!

coffee in bed

Maybe if I needed to be out shoveling, or fighting the snow flurries and crazy drivers in a commute today, I’d be feeling differently. My future son-in-law has this saying…”It is what it is”…when things are simply out of our control.  Can’t really change it.  Can’t complain it away. Can’t escape it.  It is what it is.  And so with this this turn of temps (it was 85 degrees and sunny in central Florida yesterday, as I was basking in the sunshine) I will keep my chin up and make the most of it.

Maybe, I have a little peace today, because I have rested.  I have read and I have reflected.  Author Glennon Doyle Melton describes this as her Inhale, Exhale – “Reading is my inhale and writing is my exhale.  If I am not reading and writing regularly, I begin to suffocate and tend to climb the nearest  person like a frantic cat, clawing at the person’s eyeballs and perching on his head, desperate to find a breath of air.”  I have read this week, and I have found the time to throw my random thoughts on this silly blog – that is fairly cheap therapy for me. Learning to be intentional about the things that keep me breathing normally is pretty darn important. Keeping my eyes open to the life that is happening around me is so essential…because no matter where I look, I can see that my life is quite sweet…so who am I to ever complain? Keep it real, yes…but whiny complaints? So unnecessary.

My challenge to you dear friends…what is your inhale and exhale?  What will help keep you sane when the storms of life roll in?

p.s. If you are looking for some reading that keep it real and makesyou giggle…or cry…check out these two awesome books!

Love Does

Carry On, Warrior


3 thoughts on “good rest…good books…

  1. Such a fan of Love Does! A friend of mine has a fantastic birthday tradition where she gives as many copies of a current favorite/lifechanging book as her new age to friends, family, coworkers, etc. Her only request? To pay it forward and pass it on when finished. I had my copy with to loan to Bree and completely forgot about it, so it still sits in my backpack. Bummer!

    • What a fun bday tradition! I want to be friends with your friend! I’d even consider starting the tradition myself…but 46 books this year? Yikes! Glad you share my love for Love Does!

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