extending vacation mentality.

I find myself in a familiar circumstance. Every time I take a vacation, I always desire to savor that “stress free” attitude once returning to the land of responsibilities and routines. In chatting with a pal yesterday, while I was soaking up a little sunshine and sipping on a fruity drink, I was determined once again to reinstate a few vacation practices back into my work life reality:

*Exercise regularly…preferably outdoors (seriously…with an inspiring Pandora mix playing)

*Read for fun (something more than textbooks and educational articles)

*Create opportunities for long uninterrupted conversations

*Sneak in a weekend nap

*Try new foods/restaurants

*Wake early enough to enjoy a couple cups of coffee in the morn before beginning the hustle and bustle

*Learn to leave work at work

*Savor the simple blessings each day


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