looking for the carrot.

It has been a long…long winter.  And what we northerners need most is a little sunshine…a little warm spring air.

The attitudes at work today were sweet…filled with hope, with anticipation.  Spring break was hanging in the balance…hour by hour, minute by minute, we worked through the day to reach a little reprieve.  A 9 day stretch of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. You see, we all need a little carrot–a  sweet incentive, a tiny reward for surviving the five months of snow, cold and wintery wind. A reinforcement for being the positive encourager as an educator…empowering students to be their best.

And so…vacation begins. Thank you sweet Jesus for giving us this little break…this opportunity to escape the routines and demands of daily life.  I pray that it restores us…energizes us…gives us hope to return with positive attitudes.

sweet spring break

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