the need for people.

When life gets busy…complicated…overwhelming…we often pull away from the ones we love, simply because we cannot imagine bringing one more piece to the chaotic puzzle of life.  But come on People!  That is when we need them the most!

My schedule and to-do list were kicking my butt the past few weeks…so much to do and so little time to do it…and so I retreated.  I hunkered in to my selfish little “me world” and hung on for  dear life…heading to meetings and trainings and class…typing papers, reading text books, analyzing data. Meals consisted of granola bars, string cheese, take out pizza and drive through burgers…gross. I canceled a lunch date with a friend…I did not return calls. My poor husband even came down with strep throat and I left him home alone for hours on end. An administrator called me to the office and questioned a situation, and I broke down…one of those ugly cries with snorts and short breaths-clearly an overreaction to the situation, but an unfortunate result of emotional overload. (Not one of my finer moments.)

Kinda wish I had a do-over.

Overtired. Lack of decent nutrition. Zero physical activity. Minimal human contact. Not a very great combination.

The end is in sight…by default, the walls came down and I began to reach out again…a conversation with a pal in the parking lot after class…a long phone call with my insightful adult daughter…a morning breakfast reconnecting with colleagues…and a late night chat with my dear old college roommate Melinda.

I am feeling a bit like my old self this morning. Silly me!  Why didn’t I reach out sooner?  Why did I think I could do life on my own? Why didn’t I make time to connect?

Belonging to a group or community gives us a sense of identity. It helps us understand who we are and feel part of something larger than ourselves. Researchers also find that people with strong social connections have less stress-related health problems, lower risk of mental illness, and faster recovery from trauma or illness. Friends and family can also encourage and support us in healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercise and moderation.

I am so grateful for the individuals that stick by me…even when I do not deserve it. So today, I will reconnect with my poor sick hubby…take care of him and enjoy a quiet day at home. And I will reach out to the ones I love this week…less of me….less tasks…less stress.

Sara and Melinda•Jamestown College•1990


One thought on “the need for people.

  1. So true! When I brought home my newborn a friend arranged for friends to drop off meals several times a week despite the fact that I told her no and that it wasn’t needed. I was overwhelmed and didn’t have time or energy for all these visits from friends. I dreaded it. We were also embaressed to accept meals from our friends. We had been blessed with a baby. We were not sick. But, those visits turned out to be my anchor. People fill our lives with joy, humor and meaning. I am so glad that friend new. Enough to not listen to me and send an army of friends to share their love, support and most importantly just their day.

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