information overload.

The past few weeks have been filled with so much to think about…there are times that my mind is filled with this web of thoughts that I am almost paralyzed for action.  So much to do, so much to ponder…think I will just browse pinterest or crawl into bed or go have wings and pizza with the hubby. What? Really?  Get it done Sara!  Stay focused. Check things off the list…one. thing. at. a. time.

How do others do it? I need my sleep. I need my down time. I need to figure this out.

Here are just a few of the random wonderings wandering around in my mind lately…how do we get water to the school kids in haiti? is it possible for wedding venues to be booked out 18 months in advance? how do I feel about the possibility of a st. paul teacher strike? what does that mean for me…for the students…for education? what plans do i have for managing 23 teenagers and their immigration/customs cards when we arrive in port au prince? which special education dispute do i select for my project? how on earth can i keep up with these reading assignments? whatever happened to old school ways-now i need to follow the moodle, comment on the online discussion board, create an efolio? what outdoor gear does mu k moo need when he goes to camp forest springs? what should i cook for dinner?  and on and on and on…

Sleep is disturbed, as I wake in the mid of the night, writing a paper in my mind or making a packing checklist for a summer trip to Haiti. Exercise is out because it is snowy, cold and I am in hibernation mode. Healthy eating is rare, since it becomes easier to just grab a bite somewhere or pick up take-out from Yang’s.

ImageSo…today is a new day. I am starting with a cup of coffee in bed, with a little time for myself (thank you dear presidents for giving us a day off from school.)  I will try to bundle up for a walk in the snow to get back on the fitness trail of life. A menu for the week is posted on the fridge. The to-do list has been started and I will begin to chisel away at my tasks.

I will keep breathing.


2 thoughts on “information overload.

  1. Sara, you just need a personal secretary to keep everything in order for you!! Life would be easier for you busy lady??

    Love you, love your blogs.. Viv

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