IF gatheringToday I gathered with a group of ladies to consider the question: If God is real, then what?  The If Gathering is happening now.  In Austin Texas…and around the world via internet streaming. I just happen to be taking a little lunch break from the If: Afton version on my own (actually to complete a homework assignment due for class this week, because life still goes on…even when cool things happen and you would rather just curl up on the couch with a group of gals, to be inspired…homework, mothering, sistering still needs to happen.)

So let me share a quick peek into my thoughts of what was shared this morning…

My “internet/blogger pals” shared bits of widom…pieces of their stories with ALL of us.  Sarah Bessey reminded us that God IS Immanuel, “God with Us,” abiding in us…even in the mundane bits of life.  He is here. With us. In us…as we go about our daily tasks of life, speaking and listening to others…He is here.  Kristin Richard encouraged us to “be okay” and to “forgive” and to “love,” because each one us is still just a “broken mess of a person.”  Bianca Olthoff spoke with passion about running the race of life and to fight the lies we hear with TRUTH.  Rebekah Lyons empowered us to break free from our fears and to acknowledge that we  no longer need to “copy, compete or compare.”  She identified our “calling” as a collision of our talents and our burdens.  I concur whole heartedly, as I feel that God has thrown my burden for children and education with my gifts of teaching and administration into a whirlwind of trying to support a school in Haiti, all the while, teaching and leading in special education, right here in the city.

These are WISE Women!  These are women that inspire, challenge and encourage.  These women are US.  We are ALL called.  We ALL have stories.  I do not need to wait for some wise, powerful woman from afar to move me…I need to tell MY story. I need to ask the women in my life to tell theirs.  WE need to step up.

If God is real, then what?  How are we listening? How are we responding?  How are we encouraging one another?

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