for the love of reading.

I think I may be a “readaholic”…is that really such a thing?  I have been lounging in bed for a couple of hours this morning with blogs, books and online articles.  In truth, I could probably stay here all day.  Food may be the only thing to get me to move out of this space. Fortunately my coffee was delivered bedside around 8 am.  (Thanks Honey!)

Urban Dictionary has defined it…

urban dictionary

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my friends and socializing and such.  But I am pretty darn happy with something to read.  There is just so much out there to choose from!  Just this past month, I read a variety pack of book genres…

Closing the Attitude Gap


And the Mountains Echoed

…while also reading these two simultaneously…little bits and pieces each night between the others…or at the lunch table with my Chobani yogurt…

Carry On Warrior

Love Does

…plus rereading the thinking of Richard Stearns with my Monday morning B’Studs…

The Hole in Our Gospel

…and don’t forget these gems waiting for me to dig into…


OH YEAH…. there are also Facebook Status updates, Instagrams (Forget Twitter…just couldn’t quite keep up with that one) and the blogs of creative writers around the world that inspire me in food, fashion and caring for the things that matter.

I am not a brainiac…genius…intellectual.  I just LOVE to hear the stories of others.  I am currently trying to pull myself away from a book in front of me, to head to a basketball game about now….the temptation to simply curl up on the couch with another cup of coffee is strong.  But I know that Step 1 in the Twelve Step Program is:

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol reading—that our lives had become unmanageable.

So…even though Kindle tells me that I can finish this book in 2 hours and 46 minutes (really it can do that!), I MUST put this text down and resume to the land of the living.  I must give in to the power within me…to pull away from the power of books. I must manage my life.

kindle time left

How about you?  Any other “readaholics” out there?  Any great books you can suggest?  This reader is ALWAYS looking for a great book recommendation to add to the piles in various places around my home. Please consider adding a fav book you have recently read in the comments below!

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