stuck indoors. again.

Yep…the cold temps continue…no school for students again tomorrow.

current tempsclosedmondayThe wind is blowing. Temperatures are frigid.  I have been lounging ALL day in my sweats and stocking cap…reading, napping, playing  games of “Words with Friends,” watching movies/TV.  These are the kind of days that I LOVE…nowhere to be…endless hours of free time ahead of me. I should be SAVORING this day.

This is quite a cold streak we are having here in the great North. So dinner consisted of kielbasa, tator tots and canned cream corn (random bits of things found in the freezer and pantry) and I discovered Bob laughing crazily over American’s Funniest Home Videos. (Really?  Who still watches this show?) He has been in his recliner for hours on end.  I have moved from the sofa to the chair and back again.  We have been chomping on the peanut M & M’s all. day. long.

Stuck indoors…for SEVERAL days this month! And we are starting to whine a bit.

Really, how sad is that?

We have heat, electricity, plenty to eat and a roof over our heads…endless things to do-piles of books to read, television options, dvds stashed in a drawer…friends to call on the phone…board games, dice and decks of cards…fleece blankets, down comforters and a heating pad.

I have no reason to complain.

Imagine the homeless? The newly arrived refugees from climates nearer the equator? The elderly and those living alone? The students who were counting on that breakfast and lunch at school tomorrow?

So put on another sweater…make a cup of tea and try to keep things positive my pals…the sun will shine again one day.

One thought on “stuck indoors. again.

  1. I’ve been thinking this same thing Sara! Got that guilty feeling again. Especially as we sit here planning our trip to Disney this summer. Our world is a crazy place…

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