i stay for the people.

Minnesota. Land of 10,000 Lakes. Land of extreme temps-hot summers and cold winters…weather that includes rain, snow, blizzards, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes  and WINDCHILL warnings…

windchill warningSchool has been cancelled yet again tomorrow due to these warnings…not worth the risk to have children standing outside waiting for a bus. The official announcement of the U.S. Weather Service, stated, “Exposed skin may freeze in as little as five to 10 minutes.”

So there are days like this when I think about a sweet little beach calling my name…warm sunshine…toes in the sand…napping in a hammock. It would be dreamy to walk in the early winter mornings without 3 layers, boots, hefty mittens, stocking cap and a scarf wrapped around me.

And yet…I stay. Here. In Minnesota.

Well, let me tell you. I stay for the people. The ones that are family. The ones that feel like family.

Last weekend, I had the chance to share a little normal life with the nieces and nephews…grocery shopping, cooking, driving and dropping off…basketball game-dance competition-high school dance on a Saturday night. Staying up late. Sleeping in. That is why I stay.

nieces nephews

And earlier this eve on this frigid night of biting cold weather…Amy arrived to sit at my kitchen counter, jumping on my computer to help me figure out how to create an eFolio for the class I am starting to stress about. (cuz that is what friends do.) Then we bundled up and headed out to hang with some of our fav teen girlies and another bestie Ann.  We shared stories of life…listened…encouraged…and supported one another amidst the stresses of school, family dynamics, adoption unknowns, and the cold.  At one point, my dear friend Annie was tapping me with her foot, as we acknowledged one another knowingly…recognizing the gift it is to have such a sweet friendship.  That is why I stay.

There is my sweet college girlie and her fiance. My parents, my sissy and in-laws. Travel friends. My B’studs.  Work pals. Book clubbers….and so many more. So I stay. With my stocking cap on.

Stay warm sweet pals!

chilling on a chilly night

2 thoughts on “i stay for the people.

  1. I stay because my car died and there is no way for me to leave…..just kidding…well not really my car did die. I too stay for the people. I would never imagined in 100 years that when I moved here from North Carolina that I would choose: STAY, STAY, STAY.
    However, next time I would like someone to pay me rights when they pick a photo of me without permission 😉

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