on being real.

Reflecting on life publicly is a risk. Choosing to post random thoughts and images via social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, blogging) is a risk. A choice to be vulnerable and throw inner thinking to the world can be dangerous. At times, met with incredible support and encouragement, and others met with criticism and judgment.

Sharing my thoughts on this silly little blog, is mostly for me.

Jotting down this randomness helps me to pause in my daily moments, to reflect on the things that make me think, make me grateful…or make me question something. Oftentimes, I even forget that someone else out there may read this. There are peeps in my life that get to hear this kind of thinking face to face…over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine…or across desks in the office.

Following blog writers in their journeys makes me wiser…their thoughts open my eyes to other perspectives.  Empathy and understanding is developed.  I am filled with gratitude for the truth speakers…the vulnerable souls that share a peek into their lives…those that enlighten me to be more real, more transparent.  Thanks Pals in the CyberWorld.

Here is a wrap up of a few of my favorite posts this week…click on their title image below to connect to amy, glennon, tara, doreen, john via donald.


a life overseas

Waiting Four to Five


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