young love.

bride at age 6Little girls often dream of the day they become a bride, planning and imagining their special moment that will begin a lifetime of love. My own little girl dressed as a bride one Halloween at age 6…spent hours planning with her pal Laura-cutting out images from Bride magazines…pinning images to a Pinterest board.

She is a dreamer…a planner…a detail oriented chick.

Her daddy and I try to do our part…demonstrating wedded bliss to the best of our abilities, with all of it’s ups and downs in the reality of life.  My girl is also a talker-a real verbal processor…so hours upon hours have been in shared conversations with her about life, love and the pursuit of happiness! Add to that the prayers that have been lifted up, as the mother of a girlie, pleading that God will bless her with a kind, loving man that absolutely adores her.

So…when the phone rang at 2 am (midnight for her, vacationing in the west coast time zone)…I was a just a BIT sleepy when she told me that she is engaged to be married. I think I said something like “that is sweet honey…good night…I will talk to you in the morning.” And then I laid there in the dark thinking about this big news and my lame response. What the heck? I grabbed my phone and began a little “in the dark”  text conversation from 2:30-3:30 AM…followed by a teary phone conversation the next day when I was fully awake.

She is our only. She is my little girl. The one I have attempted to provide the roots for…and now need to let her take flight.  We always told her that when she marries, she will actually marry into a FAMILY…not just the sweet dude that has stolen your heart. And so she has accepted his proposal and will join a dear family with parents, brothers, and sisters that will fill her life with even more love.

Our prayer was that she would find someone that loved the Lord…that would be an encourager and supporter…someone that would make her laugh. And those prayers have been heard and answered.

A friend of mine sent a text yesterday that summed it up…”It’s a time of life you never forget, full of possibilities, hopes and dreams.”  They will savor this time of engagement (a year and a half for those of you wondering about the timeline) as they finish up classes, an internship, plan for student teaching..resting in the confidence that they have found a partner they choose to spend the rest of life with.

Hugs and love to you both-Bree and Kyle!  Love you!

kyle and bree

3 thoughts on “young love.

  1. Oh my gosh! I am sooo excited for you! I was thinking about you and your family last week…missing you and wondering how everyone was doing…and also wondering if there was any wedding talk! The engagement period is a precious time for mother and daughter too. It is a time to dream together and to make some of these long held dreams become a reality on her wedding day. Your relationship continues to evolve – still always mom & daughter, with a deep friendship – but now sharing a special bond of growing as wives as well. What a blessing to share. Enjoy and cherish!

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