2013. final thoughts.

About this time of year, I make my resolutions. Obsessively. Compulsively. Creatively.

[And then again in September when a new school year begins, as a Re-Do, a Do-Over, since I am always looking for a fresh start, a chance to get it right.]

So…no resolutions this year. Big shocker. Time for something new. Gonna close out the year 2013  with 13 random thoughts.

  1. I am a rule follower.  Always have been. Curfew at 11? Home by 10:55. Assignment due? Completed. One per person? Never more than one! I am trying to to let go of this.  Thankfully, I have a few pals that encourage me to live a little. To take more risks.
  2. Living life “half full” is intentional. I choose to look for the positive spin on things. I work at it.  Mostly because the realist in me could live in the land of worry or get sucked into the Debbie Downer view of life. So I search and dig and try to see the sunny side of things. Cha cha cha! And yes, I do complain. To my family and friends about gray hairs, dry skin and the weight I should lose-about people that make me crazy-about my obsessive behaviors-about the incredible injustices I read about and see every day. I complain to colleagues about educational and political frustrations, lack of communication and things out of my control. There is a lot of ugly in the world…and in my life…so I must work hard to fight through that.
  3. Love God, Love others. That is my hope. Trying to live it-don’t always succeed.
  4. Order and organization is important to me.  I like my house, my desk, my car…to be orderly, with systems and places for all.  I like to clean as I cook. I like my kitchen sink empty. My bed is made each morning. I know-I have some issues.  And yet, I have a few acts of rebellion that do not match my general tendencies. There are ALWAYS piles of randomness stacked next to my bed. Junk drawers are filled. I do not dust (crops could live in the coverings of most things in my home.) The front entry is cluttered with shoes, boots, dirt, gravel and melted slop. Toilets often have a ring of grime before I pull out a brush.
  5. I prefer to listen to acoustic-coffee shop music.  I always defer to others when driving-so I get 80’s rock with the big bopper, and current pop with my girlie.  I NEVER listen to my music with them in the car.  I let that one go.
  6. My job as a mother is never done.  I still seek to question and enlighten my adult daughter-to mold her into the best she can be. Probably need to let that one go too. “There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.” May just need to trust the roots. She is a pretty amazing young lady without my meddling around!
  7. Not really a TV watcher.  Can be home for hours on end without turning it on. But I do currently like a few shows…Parenthood, Nashville, a variety of cooking shows and the morning news.
  8. Love to read. Desire to discuss books. Fiction, non-fiction, educational texts, blogs, magazines. Heading back to grad school in January-one of the classes indicated that I will need to read 30-90 pages weekly.  Not gonna lie, kinda excited about that! Reading AND a rule to follow. Win. Win.
  9. Potato Chips are my favorite.
  10. When asked about my favorite season recently, I decided I love the first few weeks of each one.  Fresh spring air, hot lazy days of summer, crisp fall weather, and the gentle first snow fall!  I like the change of wardrobe that each season brings. But when winter lasts for months and months, I would really prefer a warmer climate.
  11. I like spending time with family and friends. Movie dates, happy hours, outings. Yet I NEED the balance of alone time to be able to keep that up.
  12. Happily married to my best friend.  Such a gift that he really gets me-he encourages me to follow my dreams, even if that means starting up a non-profit or going back to grad school at this stage of life. He puts up with my need for quiet. He fills my car with gas and brings me coffee in bed.
  13. Secret fantasy to give up the American Dream of working full time and suburban living to escape to a little beach hut one day.

Cheers to all!  Happy New Year Friends!

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