mama’s happy.

mama's happyIt has been a very happy holidays, filled with traditions, sweet times with family, sentimental moments, great laughter, delicious dinners and tasty treats.  There were roadtrips…to the lake, to North Dakota, and back home today.  My heart is full of gratitude for the gift of family, and the dear gift of baby Jesus so many, many years ago that has given us hope for an even better future.  As with all things great and holidayish–it is time to return to a little bit of normal today.

My luggage is unpacked, laundry is being laundered, a grocery list is made. Pics have been uploaded to Facebook. The driveway shoveled.  Kinda thought I may begin packing up the Christmas decorations today, but nah!

I think I will make a peppermint mocha, eat some Lindor white chocolates, and sit in the coziness of the twinkle lights with a good book and savor the remaining days of vacation.  Mama’s happy.



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